Vaginismus is a condition where the vaginal muscles contract involuntarily with attempted penetration. This may be with inserting a tampon or with intercourse. 

Luckily our Physiotherapists are able to support Women and persons with Vagina’s with this condition. There are many options for those suffering with vaginismus including: 

Learning to relax your pelvic floor muscles 

Many people immediately think of strengthening when it comes to pelvic floor muscle exercises. However, with vaginismus it is important that you learn the correct way to actually relax your pelvic floor muscles down. The best way to know if you are doing this correctly is to be seen by a Physiotherapist that is trained in pelvic floor assessment. 

Using a suitable lubricant 

Using lubricant during intercourse is extremely important! In addition to this we need to use the right TYPE of lubricant that is most suitable and kind on our vaginal muscles. As a general rule of thumb water-based lubricants typically dry out much quicker than a silicone-based lubricant, which can worsen symptoms of pain. Another lubricant that is highly recommended by our team is the ‘Olive & Bee’ lubricant which is naturally anti-inflammatory, chemical free and does not interfere with vaginal pH. 

Remember to always check if the lubricant you are using is compatible with condoms as some may interfere with their contraceptive effectiveness. 

Dilator therapy  

Some individuals will need to use dilators to help their vaginal entrance muscle to stretch to each dilator size. They start off small and gradually get bigger to allow the muscle to gradually adapt in a controlled manner and environment. In clinic, our physiotherapists are able to teach you how to correctly use dilators and help you to work through them via a graded approach. 

If you think you may have vaginismus then Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy is the right place for you to get the support that you need! Our Physiotherapists are always happy to help!  Kiera 

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