Men’s Sexual Health

Common and treatable men’s sexual health concerns

Australian physiotherapist are primary care providers, which means that our pelvic health physiotherapists can be your first point of contact for some of your pelvic health and sexual health concerns. These conditions are commonly seen and treatable in our pelvic health clinic.

These conditions can cause a lot of anxiety and distress to the patient, BUT they are treatable!

This section covers sexual health concerns such as:

    • Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (Male PGAD, unrelenting, spontaneous and uncontainable genital arousal)
    • Hard Flaccid Syndrome (semi-rigid penis in a flaccid state, can be painful)
    • Erectile Dysfunction (difficulty getting or keeping an erection resulting in difficulty with intercourse since the penis is not hard enough)
    • Premature Ejaculation(earlier then expected ejaculation – lifelong or acquired, generalised or situational).

Our whole-body assessment approach will determine if you have the following:

  • High tone, stiff or weak pelvic floor muscles.
  • Over or under engaged abdominal wall muscles.
  • Hypomobility or hypermobility of your hip joints.
  • Muscles range of movement, strength and endurance around the hips and pelvis (we need these muscles to help with sexual positions, and to sustain sexual positions).
  • Provide you with a lot of re-assurance to reduce your anxiety and destress, spend time to explain to you about your presenting sexual concerns.

How can Pelvic Connections help?

We always work closely with your GP or urologist to get medically cleared for anything serious. High blood pressure, smoking, excessive alcohol use, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol are modifiable lifestyle factors that can affect your sexual health. Addressing each of these areas of your overall health with your GP can be a good starting point.

Physiotherapy treatment for sexual health can involves teaching you exercises to help with reducing pelvis and hip tension; correct your pelvic floor muscles activation and relaxation techniques via internal rectal assessment, external pelvic palpation; and use of Real Time Ultrasound for biofeedback of how to active and engage your pelvic floor and abdominal wall muscles. Breathing and mindfulness exercise will also be covered to help improve your sexual health.

The Physiotherapists Treating Men’s Health