Is constipation getting you down and making you feel sluggish? Then I have some tips for you!

Move throughout the day
Movement stimulates our digestive tract and speeds up the time it takes for our bowel motion to move through our body before it exits.

Eat breakfast!
Our body works off a rest and digest system. Most people will pass a bowel motion in the morning (usually after a coffee). This works best when you wake up and eat breakfast (while sitting down).

Leave enough time between eating breakfast and leaving the house
Have you ever been in your car in the morning and thought “Oh, no! I need to open my bowels”? Yes, well that is because of timing. If you leave some time after digesting your morning breakfast before leaving the house then you are likely to get the urge to go while at home. If you hold in the car the urge will pass, the stool will dry up and it will be hard to pass.

Use a squatty potty
Use a stool or a “squatty potty” (sold at Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy) to allow your feet to be wider than your hips and elevate your knees higher than your hips. This will allow your pelvic floor to relax, making it easier to poo.

Eat a balanced diet
Include grains, fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Drink enough water
Aim to have your wee a pale yellow colour.

See a pelvic health physiotherapist!
We can help fine tune your bowels and get your poo moving regularly!

Marissa x