Do you find yourself rushing to the toilet to empty your bladder? Are you finding that you are emptying your bladder quite frequently throughout the day?  Do you leak on the way to the toilet when you are feeling bladder urgency?

If you answered yes to any of the above you may have what we call ‘overactive bladder syndrome’! 

This refers to a strong sensation of needing to empty your bladder that is difficult to defer, which may be accompanied by urinary frequency or bladder leakage. 

Below are a few helpful hints that may help with these symptoms: 

  • Reduce your CAFFEINE intake if necessary! 
  • Slowly SIP fluids and space your fluid throughout the day!
  • DO NOT run to the toilet! Try and wait for the feeling to pass before walking to the toilet! 

If you are still experiencing symptoms our Physiotherapist are able to provide you with pelvic floor exercises to help delay the urgency and stop urine leakage, give you advice regarding your fluid intake and dietary and/or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your bladder urgency as well as providing you with evidence based interventions to help reduce these strong sensations that you are feeling in your bladder. 

For more information contact our clinic so that one of our Physiotherapists can help you to improve your bladder health and quality of life!