Pilates and Exercise

At Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy we offer tailored Pilates classes to suit your needs.
Improve your core stability with Pilates floor exercises in a small class taught by trained physiotherapists.

Pilates is a safe way to build up core strength and increase your body awareness by focusing on breathing, exercise technique and posture.

The Core
Everyone talks about core muscles these days but what actually is your core? The core is a complex system of muscles that span across your lower back, abdomen and hips. The roof of your core is your diaphragm (also known as your breathing muscle) and the floor of your core consists of your pelvic floor muscles. Your core is responsible for keeping your body functional in everyday movements e.g. standing and walking, sitting, twisting, bending and lifting.
How Pilates can help
Pilates exercises dynamically strengthens the muscles around your shoulder girdle, back, abdomen, hips and pelvic floor. By strengthening the core muscles you could help to ease back pain, improve your balance, reduce symptoms of incontinence, improve your posture and lift heavy objects without excessive stress on your body.

Classes for 2017

At Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy we offer tailored Pilate classes to suit your needs. Improve your core stability with Pilates floor exercises in a small class taught by trained physiotherapists.

Term 2
  • Monday: First class 01/05/2017- last class 26/06/2017
  • Wednesday: First class 03/05/2017- last class 28/06/2017
  • Friday: First class 05/05/2017- last class 30/06/2017
  • Saturday: First class 06/05/2017- last class 01/07/16
(Monday is an 8 week term. All other classes run for 9 weeks)

Term 3
  • Monday: First class 17/07/2017- last class 18/09/2017
  • Wednesday: First class 19/07/2017- last class 20/09/2017
  • Friday: First class 21/07/2017- last class 22/09/2017
  • Saturday: First class 22/07/2017- last class 23/09/2017
(All classes run for 10 weeks)

Term 4
  • Monday: First class 09/10/2017- last class 11/12/2017
  • Wednesday: First class 11/10/2017- last class 13/12/2017
  • Friday: First class 13/10/2017- last class 15/12/2017
  • Saturday: First class 14/10/2017- last class 16/12/2017
(All classes run for 10 weeks)

All classes will be held at the Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy clinic located at Suite 106b Q Central, 10 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
Price Schedule
• $30.00 / 1 hour class (minimum 3 per class / maximum 5 per class)
• $90.00 Initial Assessment for 45 mins (new patients only)
• $45.00 Real-Time Ultrasound (RTUS) Assessment for 20 mins (optional for existing patients)
What to wear and bring
• Comfortable exercise gear e.g. singlet or t-shirt, tights, socks and running shoes
• Bottle of water
• Towel
Pilates mats will be provided
• Payment accepted by cash or card
• Receipts will be provided to patients at week 5 and at week 10
• Patients to check with health fund for claim eligibility prior to commencing class
If you have any questions or to register for the class please contact Trisha at Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy on 0412 382 834
or email info@sydneywomensphysiotherapy.com.au

​Phone: 0412 382 834
Email: info@sydneywomensphysiotherapy.com.au
Clinic: Q Central Level 1, Suite 106B, 10 Norbrik Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153