Physio and Pelvic Floor Muscle

The pelvic floor muscles may be considered as one of the most important muscles through life especially the child-bearing years for women. These layers of firm and thick muscles are located underneath the pelvic organs as support. For men, these are the bladder and bowel and for women, these are the bladder, bowel and uterus.
The strength of your pelvic floor muscles can determine the amount of control you have over your pelvic organs. If they are weak, problems that may occur include urinary and faecal incontinence, or prolapse of the pelvic organs.
Pelvic floor muscle weakness may be a result of straining during constipation, persistent heavy lifting, excessive coughing, growing older, pregnancy and hormonal changes during menopause.
Due to the large amount of straining and stress placed upon these muscles during pregnancy and childbirth, it’s essential that women have the support and knowledge to maintain strong pelvic floor muscles as well as other associating muscles during pregnancy, in order for a quicker labour and easier healing process during the post-natal period. Furthermore, the chances of pelvic floor problems in the future can be greatly decreased with stronger more responsive pelvic floor muscles before reaching old age.
It is possible to strengthen these muscles through seeing a Physiotherapist where pelvic floor exercises are taught correctly.
At Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy, this is exactly what we provide. You would be guided by an experienced physiotherapist to provide you with an individualised intensive pelvic floor strengthening program and specific lifestyle advices to allow you to gain better control of your symptoms correctly.  

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